Minor White Photography Workshop

August 28, Saturday, 4 p.m.

This in-person workshop with photographer Jade Doskow will begin with a look at Sequences: Ode to Minor White and then move out in the field to create photographs inspired by the vision of Minor White. Doskow will illuminate the conceptual and technical approaches in several key photographs of White’s to inspire the day’s shoot.

This workshop is intended for adult photography enthusiasts (ages 18+) at an intermediate level. Supplies will not be provided and participants are expected to bring their own cameras. 

Doskow is a New York-based large-format architectural and landscape photographer and professor. She is the Artist-in-Residence at Freshkills Park in New York City. Her artistic practice is based on a longstanding passion for and interest in the complexities and nuance of transformations within public urban space, specifically sites representative of complex utopian/dystopian confrontations and transformations. Doskow is best known for her works “Lost Utopias” and “Freshkills.” 

For “Lost Utopias,” Doskow traveled to the sites of past international world’s fairs, illustrating how these once-futuristic architectural icons and landscapes have been repurposed, abandoned, or otherwise ushered into the actual contemporary urban environment. 

From 1948-1996, Fresh Kills was New York City’s largest household garbage dump, spanning 2,200 acres in Staten Island. It is now undergoing a major, 25-year transformation to become Freshkills Park, one of the city’s largest public parks. Doskow’s photographs of the limbo-state of the park posits complex questions about the possibilities for environmental rebirth within the current environmental catastrophe. Doskow’s photographs of Freshkills were recently featured in The New York Times in a collaborative piece with the writer Robert Sullivan. 

Doskow holds a B.A. from New York University and an M.F.A. in photography, video, and related media from the School of Visual Arts. Doskow is represented by galleries in New York City and Asheville, North Carolina. She is on the photography faculty of the City University of New York and the International Center of Photography. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Photograph, Architect, Dezeen, Newsweek Japan, The Independent, Smithsonian, Slate, NPR’s Picture Show, ArchDaily, and Wired. Doskow was featured in the 2018 publication 50 Contemporary Women Artists. She is the subject of the documentary Jade Doskow: Photographer of Lost Utopias, directed by Philip Shane, which will premier in New York in fall 2021. The first solo exhibition of “Freshkills” will open in September 2021 at the Tracey Morgan Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina.

ADMISSION: $35 ($30 for BMAC members)
Space is limited. Registration required