Sequences: Ode to Minor White

June 19 - October 11, 2021

Sequences: Ode to Minor White is a group exhibition, curated by Katherine Gass Stowe, of contemporary works of art that are in some way evocative of the influential work of American photographer, writer, and educator Minor White (1908 – 1976). 

In 1945, White worked as photographer for the Museum of Modern Art, where he was inspired by the sensitive way curator Nancy Newhall installed an exhibition of work by Edward Weston. White subsequently began his exploration of the juxtaposition of images in highly structured groupings that he would refer to as Sequences.  

All the artists in this exhibition tend to play with layered and repeated veils of form. They approach their work through a close examination of the parts—each piece informing and in conversation with the next, a gentle sequencing, a repeating of forms—phrasing, rephrasing, refining, and adjusting to gently coax out and uncover something else through the medium. This space of meditative turning inward, which many of us were called to experience during 2020, also creates the bridge from White to the art of today, and in particular, to the art made during the pandemic, which seems to be deeply infused with meditative energy, inner luminosity, and self-reflection.

Artists include: Andrea Belag, William Eric Brown, Niqui Carter, and Kevin Larmon with a selection of vintage photographs by Minor White on loan from the Bank of America Art Collection, and a concurrent off-site outdoor art installation by Jessica Judith Beckwith.