Upcoming Exhibits


A celebration of imagination and ingenuity featuring kids’ drawings turned into glass sculptures.

March 18 - June 13, 2021

All Flowers Keep the Light

Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light.  — Theodore Roethke Flowers have been seen for millennia and across cultures as spiritual and emotional touchstones. In spring they signal…    read more

March 18 - June 13, 2021

Adria Arch: On Reflection

A reflection is something that comes back to you, both as you first encountered it and at the same time different. A sunlit landscape reflected in a stream shows you…    read more

March 18 - June 13, 2021

Kenny Rivero: Palm Oil, Rum, Honey, Yellow Flowers

Drawing has been a part of Kenny Rivero’s life for as long as he can remember. It is a parallel process that goes beyond the notion of drawings as preparatory…    read more

March 18 - June 13, 2021

Jennifer Mack-Watkins: Children of the Sun

On the 100th anniversary of the publication of The Brownies’ Book: A Monthly Magazine for the Children of the Sun—a first-of-its-kind periodical for Black children that ran from 1920 to…    read more

March 18 - June 13, 2021

Delano Dunn: Novelties

Delano Dunn’s mixed-media collages bring together disparate elements to explore racial identity, family history, and art making during quarantine.  

June 19 - October 11, 2021


Curated by New York-based painter John Newsom and accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue, this exhibition comprises paintings, sculpture, and installation art that depict aspects of venturing into unknown lands and territories.

June 19 - October 11, 2021

Erick Johnson: Double Take

Erick Johnson investigates the permeable edge between painting in the studio and photography in the world. This show is an invitation to investigate how the imagination can span mediums, place, and time….    read more

June 19 - October 11, 2021

Sequences: Ode to Minor White

Sequences: Ode to Minor White is a group exhibition, curated by Katherine Gass Stowe, of contemporary works of art that are in some way evocative of the influential work of American…    read more

June 19 - October 11, 2021

B. Lynch: Pull Back the Curtain

This multimedia installation juxtaposes “The Reds,” wealthy and powerful figures from the 18th century, and “The Grays,” hard-working characters with early 20th-century technology. Through gouache paintings, lino block prints, digitally…    read more

October 22, 2021 - February 13, 2022

Charlie Hunter: Semaphore

Vermont artist Charlie Hunter is known for his time-stained pictures of America’s neglected industrial infrastructure including its railroads—trains, tracks, and bridges. BMAC, which makes its home in Brattleboro’s former Union…    read more

June 19 - October 11, 2021