Time & Motion: Paintings by Ralph DeAnna

August 7 - November 8, 2009

Ralph DeAnna is chasing time. Influenced by Marcel Proust and his classic attempts to “see” time and unravel memory, DeAnna plays with time and space in his seemingly representational paintings. Whether composed of distinct scenes or a single scene depicted from multiple points of view, his paintings convey a continuum in time rather than -telling a specific story. “Perspective and pictorial space aren’t enough,” he says. “I am working to create a passing of time.”
Although often set on the familiar streets of Brattleboro, Vermont, DeAnna’s paintings are not about place. His subjects are purposely vague, allowing him the latitude to move away from narrative and work with light and color. He seeks to embody iconic moments contrasting a separate, perhaps isolated, individual with a broader unity. In this way, DeAnna hopes to help us develop a sharper sense of our own identity.

— Linda Rubinstein, Curator

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South Gallery

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