B.E.A.N. Micro-Grant Dinner

Date and time TBA

B.E.A.N. Micro-Grant Dinners enhance the vitality of art and artists in our community by providing artists with much-needed financial support and encouraging dialogue and collaborative decision-making between artists and the general public.

B.E.A.N., which stands for “Brattleboro Essential Arts Network,” also aims to change the face of arts funding — from a top-down model with limited interaction between funders and recipients to one that features direct, personal contact between donors and their beneficiaries, allowing virtually anyone to become a philanthropist.

The next B.E.A.N. Micro-Grant Dinner has not been scheduled. Please check back soon.

HOW IT WORKS, PART 1: Eat, Listen, Discuss, Vote

For only $12 anyone can attend a delicious buffet dinner at BMAC, with live music by local musicians. Over dinner, guests will review and discuss funding requests for local art-related projects. At the end of the night, guests will vote for one or more proposals that deserve to receive 90% of the proceeds from the event. The remainder will be given to another applicant selected at random.

HOW IT WORKS, PART 2: Apply for a Micro-Grant

To apply for a grant (probably no more than $300, depending on how many people show up for dinner), click here to answer a few simple questions about your project. Please note that someone representing your proposal must attend the B.E.A.N. Dinner at which your proposal will be considered. Of course you may bring as many friends and supporters as you like!

Not sure what to apply for?

Maybe you need to buy supplies…

… or frame some paintings
… or install an exhibit
… or hire acrobats
… or produce a video of a performance
… or advertise an art event
… or rent a harpsichord
… or skip a shift at work to complete a project
… or develop informational resources of use to artists in our area
… or pay to keep the heat on in your studio…

In a nutshell, any project that contributes to the vitality of art and artists in our community and would benefit from a small grant of just a few hundred dollars might fit the bill. Individuals, groups, teams, businesses, schools, non-profit organizations and others are welcome to apply. (And applicants and their friends are welcome to attend the dinner and cast votes, too!)

Questions? Call Amanda Whiting at 802-257-0124, ext. 103


$270 to Journey East Documentary Project for production expenses
$200 to Scot Borofsky for the Brattleboro Pattern Project
$200 to Terri Malloy for “Sculptures for a Greyt Cause”
$40 to Leigh Madalinski for Collaborative Collage Workshop for Big Brothers Big Sisters
$250 to GennaRose Nethercott for “Ghostmaker: A Myth for Voices”
$175 to Linda Whelihan for the Maasai Weaving Project
$175 to Peter Gould for student singing lessons
$50 to Ronald Schneiderman for the Estey Field Organ Tone Archive
$225 to Firekeeper Productions for a production of Scherherazade
$225 to Mollie Burke and “Art in the Neighborhood”
$300 to NEYT alumni for a traveling production of Romeo & Juliet
$300 to In-Sight Photography Project for a portable digital projector
$200 to Cyndal Ellis for supplies for early childhood dance classes
$255 to Neighborhood Schoolhouse for art studio classes for kids
$250 to Vermont Theatre Company for original music for Shakespeare in the Park
$245 to Marlboro Elementary School for printing student Collage Books
$300 to Alicia Hunsicker toward marketing expenses for a gallery exhibition
$8,000+ to artists who suffered damage in Tropical Storm Irene
$375 to Mollie Burke for “Art in the Neighborhood”
$350 to Patty Meyer for “A Trip for Odyssey”

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