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“Still proud to be American”

A conversation between artist Joseph Diggs and curator Mara Williams.

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“Waiting for the image to tell me what to do”

In 2019, Barbara Takenaga’s installation Looking at Blue transformed our Mary Sommer Room into what Chief Curator Mara Williams called “a space of awe and wonder.” Our friends at DC Moore Gallery have graciously permitted us to share their recent interview with Takenaga, originally published in “From the Studio,” the gallery’s series exploring how artists are faring during the coronavirus pandemic.


Grit and Grace: The Empowerment of Women at Work in Global Communities

Alison Wright discusses her work as an award-winning photojournalist and shares stories about her own extraordinary life, including a two-decade friendship with the Dalai Lama, a near-death experience in Laos, her latest work documenting the coronavirus pandemic, and the Black Lives Matter protests in New York City.

Online Gallery

Nathalie Miebach: Lost Porches

Nathalie Miebach transforms weather data into large-scale, brilliantly colored woven sculptures.  Revisit images from Lost Porches, Miebach’s 2017 BMAC exhibit.


Bugs and Blooms

Learn more about pollinators, examine a flower up close, and play a bloom-inspired hopscotch game in this week’s installment of our series of online art prompts. The “bugs and blooms” theme was inspired by the intricate plant and insect creations of glass artist Wesley Fleming, whose work is currently on view in our Spotlight Gallery.


Artist Talk: Steven Rose

Rose leads a virtual walk-through of his installation For/While (2020.01), which was inspired by an experience with a 5.8-magnitude earthquake that he describes as a “sublime folding of chaos into order,” and discuss some of his other work.

Virtual Exhibit Tour

Roger Clark Miller: Transmuting the Prosaic

Take a virtual tour of Miller’s multimedia installation, featuring video, sound, and modified vinyl records.

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“It’s a dream job.”

Linda Whelihan is moving on to the next chapter after four fabulous years as BMAC’s education curator. We sat down with her to reminisce and to say thanks.


Steven Rose: For/While (2020.01)

Rose discusses his immersive installation For/While (2020.01), which was inspired by an experience with a 5.8-magnitude earthquake.


Sights and Sounds Abound!

Roger Clark Miller (Transmuting the Prosaic) created a symphony out of traffic sounds. Try your hand at making art that is inspired by the sounds around you.

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“A crisis has come to my city”

National Geographic photographer and BMAC exhibiting artist Alison Wright turns her lens on NYC during the pandemic.


GLASSTASTIC: Creating Fred the Frog

Watch Vermont glass artist Chris Sherwin transform a child’s whimsical drawing into a glass sculpture in this three-minute video.

Online Gallery

Soo Sunny Park: Luminous Muqarna

Created for the Islamic Arts Festival in the United Arab Emirates, “Soo Sunny Park: Luminous Muqarna” lit up BMAC’s Mary Sommer Room in 2017.


Mail Art with a Heart

Channel mail artist Stuart Copans (“Postcards to Brattleboro: 40 Years of Mail Art”) by creating and sending your own origami mail art, decorated with a homemade rubber stamp!

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“Time Feels Different”

Our friends at DC Moore Gallery have launched a new series, “From the Studio,” exploring how artists are continuing their work during this difficult time. The gallery has graciously permitted us to reprint their recent interview with Eric Aho on Art Loves Company.


Red Grooms: The Bus

Do you have fond memories of visiting Red Grooms’ sculpto-pictoramas and experiential walk-through sculptures—especially his remarkable full-scale city bus? Check out this time-lapse video of the installation of “The Bus” at BMAC in 2013.

Digital Catalogue

Dona Ann McAdams: Performative Acts

Revisit this 2019 retrospective of McAdams’ black-and-white photographs of performance artists, protesters, nuns, and farm animals—or experience these indelible images for the first time.

Online Gallery

Glasstastic 2019

“My imaginary creature, Hue, is a glue stick. His mission is to find his key to unlock eternal happiness.” Revisit Hue and the rest of the joyful creatures of GLASSTASTIC 2019.


Alison Wright: Portraits of the Human Spirit | Nat Geo Live

Wright shares stories about a near-death experience in Laos and a career spent portraying the struggles of people around the world through photojournalism. “Alison Wright: Grit and Grace, Women at Work” is among the BMAC exhibits that have just been extended through October. 


Follow the Bouncing Ball: Artists at Play…

Have you seen the giant striped balls by artist John Gibson, on view in the front windows of our Museum? This week’s art prompt will teach you how to draw three-dimensional spheres like these.

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Chaos out of perfection, beauty out of anarchy

In Part 1 of our two-part interview with Roger Clark Miller, the co-founder of Mission of Burma talks about what inspires and influences him, from Cage and Duchamp to Hendrix, Bach, and Bartok


In Pursuit of Disobedient Women

Dionne Searcey discusses her book, “In Pursuit of Disobedient Women: A Memoir of Love, Rebellion, and Family, Far Away”, her work as West Africa bureau chief for The New York Times, and the extraordinary lives and struggles of women she encountered living at the crossroads of old-fashioned patriarchy and an increasingly globalized and connected world.

Online Gallery

Coffee and Conversation: Stories of Homelessness

Liz LaVorgna’s project brings together people in the Brattleboro area who have stable housing and people who are experiencing or have experienced homelessness  offering both parties a chance to look beyond stereotypes and stigma and connect as human beings over a cup of coffee.


Portraits of Power: Praise and Appreciation for “Essential Workers”

View Alison Wright’s photos of resilient women around the world, then draw and share your own portrait of a person doing essential work right now in your own community.


30,000 Dominos!

At age 15, Lily Hevesh became a builder for our annual Domino Toppling Extravaganza. Six years later, she is one of the best-known domino artists in the world. Check out this incredible creation that Lily and her fellow domino artists built at BMAC in 2015.

Digital Catalogue

Emily Mason: To Another Place

This digital catalogue showcases BMAC’s 2018-19 career survey exhibition of the luminous paintings of abstract artist Emily Mason.


Roger Clark Miller: The Davis Square Symphony

“I always swore that I would never make a film.” Find out what happens when musician and artist Roger Clark Miller transforms Davis Square traffic patterns into a symphony in his first-ever film.

Online Gallery

Grit and Grace, Women at Work

National Geographic photographer Alison Wright has trained her lens on resilient women improving the lives of their families and communities around the globe.


Wolf Kahn: Control and Letting Go

In this 2014 talk at BMAC, Kahn discusses the importance of continually challenging oneself as an artist.


Spring into Wildflower Art: Nature Journals

BMAC Education Curator Linda Whelihan offers a spring nature journaling and wildlife observation prompt for all ages.

Digital Catalogue

Steven Kinder: 552,830

Steven Kinder: 552,830 showcases the humanity and dignity of people experiencing homelessness.


Wesley Fleming: Silvestris, Wild and Untamed

Go behind the scenes to discover how Wesley Fleming created the exquisite glass wildflowers and pollinators in the exhibition Silvestris, Wild and Untamed.