Workshop: Poetry and Art from The Poetry Studio

November 5, Sunday, 2 p.m.

Ann and Tony Gengarelly invite young people, ages 9-14, to explore their authentic voices through writing poetry. According to Ann, director of The Poetry Studio in Marlboro, Vermont, everyone has poetry inside them that should be heard, and this act of witnessing the self and others helps develop compassion and empathy. During the workshop, Ann will offer a theme, and participants will be encouraged to explore the museum’s array of art and sculpture to discover their own inspiration for writing. Tony will help facilitate the visual artmaking. Materials will be provided.

Ann Gengarelly has directed The Poetry Studio for 25 years, offering after-school programs for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The studio also runs summer workshops featuring poetry, art, and bookmaking with a focus on the natural world. Since 2002, Ann has taught creative writing classes for adults as well.

Tony Gengarelly is professor emeritus of Fine Arts at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. He has taught courses in American civilization, western art history, literature, political science, modern and decorative art, and museum studies. Recently, his work has focused on the creative process and its social and cultural crosscurrents. Since 1999, Tony has taught visual art and bookmaking for The Poetry Studio’s summer workshops.

ADMISSION: $10, free for BMAC members
Space is limited; registration required. 
To register, click here or call 802-257-0124 x101.