Moth-Mending Workshop

December 10, Saturday, 2 p.m.

Judith Klausner leads a workshop on using needle-felted moth patches to repair moth holes in sweaters. Much as the Japanese art of kintsugi mends pottery by highlighting the cracks, this approach to mending acknowledges and celebrates the journey of the sweater and its role in our complex relationship with the world around us.

Judith Klausner is a Somerville, Massachusetts, artist with a love for small, intricate, and overlooked things. She received her degree in studio art from Wesleyan University in 2007 after constructing her thesis primarily out of insects, and she has since continued to search the details of her surroundings for inspiration. Her experience of invisible disability and chronic pain plays an integral role in in how she views the world and creates art. Her work has been featured in Harper’s, Reader’s Digest, the Huffington Post, and NPR, and exhibited in venues internationally, including the Susquehanna Art Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, and the Boston Children’s Museum.

This event is presented in connection with Judith Klausner: (de)composed.

This is an in-person workshop.

ADMISSION: $50 ($45 for BMAC members).
Mending materials included–bring your own sweater. Adults and children ages 10 and up. Children must have the supervision of a guardian. 
Space is limited. Registration required. 
Click here to register or call 802-257-0124 x101.