Artist Talk: Stephanie Metz

July 19, Tuesday, 7 p.m.

Join California-based artist Stephanie Metz at this in-person event for a tale of transformation through making, sharing, and touching sculpture. Metz will present a slide presentation about “InTouch,” her large-scale touchable fiber sculpture installation, featuring the “Hanging Pod” sculptures that are part of Felt Experience.

Metz is known for wool and felt creations that tantalize the imagination and the senses. In her earlier bodies of work, however, audience engagement focused primarily on sight. “InTouch” marks an entirely new direction: beyond increasing the scale of her work (with human-sized objects in some cases), Metz envisioned objects designed to be touched. And through this tactile exchange, visitors’ interactions with the pieces actually complete the installations. 

Metz will take participants on a journey through her practice for a behind-the-scenes look at the creation and public reception of “InTouch.” Through slide images and lively descriptions, she will present her innovative approach to creating multiple large-scale felted wool and stitched industrial felt sculptures. She’ll talk about the human connections forged through engaging community volunteers to needle felt in her studio and inviting museum audiences to touch the sculpture. She’ll also address the challenges of presenting touchable sculpture amid the new landscape of Covid and speculate on what’s next for her work.

A question and answer period will follow the one-hour talk.

Stephanie Metz creates sculptures and installations that utilize the sense of touch to investigate social connections and evoke a sense of wonder and presence in the here and now. She uses nontraditional techniques in fiber—stitching thick industrial felt and needle felting—to create three-dimensional large-scale sculptural forms that prompt viewer interaction. Metz holds a B.F.A. in Sculpture from the University of Oregon, and she lives and works in the California Bay Area. Her work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and internationally. Awards include grants from the Belle Foundation, the Center for Cultural Innovation, and SVCreates.

Space is limited. Registration required. 
Register online or call 802-257-0124 x101