Judith Klausner: (de)composed

October 22, 2022 - March 4, 2023

Often when something has “gone bad,” it gives rise to something new, but it can be hard to appreciate new growth in the shadow of our disappointment. I like the idea of spending hours meticulously crafting something that most people think of as ruined. My primary material for these works is a type of clay often looked down upon and relegated to the status of a children’s craft product. Even my material usage is an exercise in reevaluating the underappreciated.

This work reflects my own journey to reframe my life as a disabled person. I spent a decade only seeing the ways my life hadn’t turned out how I had expected, and seeing those discrepancies as failures. It has only been by readjusting my lens that I have learned to appreciate the life I do have. I am finally allowing myself to be happy.

I believe this theme also taps into a larger experience that is particularly strong right now. The past 2+ years of pandemic have derailed what many people expected from their lives. We have all had to reframe our expectations and our sources of joy. I hope this work can reflect those experiences, too, and help encourage the (sometimes painful) growth it takes to make that shift.

The work in (de)composed was made with a self-imposed rule that every element had to be created. Every rock, popsicle stick, and sweaty slice of cheese is painstakingly sculpted and detailed by hand. This mandate pushed me to learn new ways of looking at familiar objects, as well as new ways of using a familiar material.

— Judith Klausner




October 22, Saturday, 11 a.m. — Opening of Five New Exhibits
December 9, Friday, 7 p.m. — Artist & Curator Conversation: Judith Klausner and Sarah Freeman
December 10, Saturday, 2 p.m . — Moth Mending Workshop


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