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“Many of my students never even get to Brattleboro, let alone a museum, and I doubt that most of them would ever have this kind of experience if not for BMAC. Thank you for making such a positive difference in their lives!”

Fourth Grade Teacher, Townshend Elementary School



“I am so grateful for the attentive and collaborative approach of the BMAC staff, their commitment to seeing my vision through from start to finish, and the warm welcome I received in Vermont. My experience there has bolstered my confidence as an artist and opened the door to exciting  new opportunities in my career.”

Jennifer Mack-Watkins, Artist



“My experiences at BMAC are always inspiring and thought-provoking. I love the connections I make with friends and neighbors, meeting new people and exploring new ideas and amazing art together. BMAC is such a welcoming resource for exploration and connection.”

 BMAC member