Kenny Rivero: Palm Oil, Rum, Honey, Yellow Flowers

March 17 - June 13, 2021

This exhibit is a presentation of works on paper, primarily drawings. My drawings exist in piles around the studio so that when I work on each one, the others aren’t present and don’t inform or influence how I approach what I’m working on currently. This has been liberating in a way that my painting practice does not allow.

Whenever I present paper works, it is a chance for me to discover them again and see what they are pointing to. It’s also an opportunity to check in on the drawings’ connectedness to each other, to my paintings, to me, and to the ideas I’m finding most urgent in my practice. Most importantly, this exhibition is a chance to organize these works in a way that allows me to learn from my work and decipher new meaning.

I consider this a form of divination in which an arrangement of objects (shells, coins, beads, tarot, etc.) can be organized and spread in a way that channels different messages or meanings.

— Kenny Rivero