March 18 - June 13, 2021

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After a year of uncertainty and myriad challenges, we are excited to celebrate the positive powers of creativity and imagination. 

GLASSTASTIC brings together children in grades K-6 from all over the country who submit drawings and descriptions of imaginary creatures and glass artists who turn those drawings into fabulous three-dimensional glass sculptures. In spite of the obstacles they faced, students, parents and guardians, and teachers all outdid themselves spreading the word. We received nearly 800 creatures for our glass artists to choose from, and what a challenge it was for each of them to pick just one!

This year we also celebrate ten years since our very first GLASSTASTIC exhibit in 2011, and the show is bigger and better than ever. The exhibit features 27 sculptures and their accompanying drawings, as well as a special Blast From the Past gallery, filled with some familiar friends from past editions of GLASSTASTIC and videos showing how these marvelous creatures are created.

We are also pleased to be able to offer a digital gallery of every single imaginary creature we received this year, which is on view in the Museum and here.

This year’s imaginative young artists whose creatures have been turned into glass are Aaron Archer, Sarah Balint-Wohl, Lucia Carr, Sophia Cavanna, Josie Clough, Rachel Cousino, Reed Cousino, August Davis, Jayden Genest, Bennett Gerding, Charlie Hill, Timmy Hunt, Jake Jerome, Reagan LaFreniere, Madeline Latini, Torielle Lee, John Max Malcovsky, Austin Meader, Aliana Miller, Harley Pecor, Ava Rich, Elijah Rodgers, Olivia Sawyer, Elizabeth Stark, Ayla Traeger, Guinevere Velto, and Marleigh Vose.

The ingenious glass artists who realized their visions in 3D splendor are Mariel Bass, Josh Bernbaum, Marta Bernbaum, Jocelyn Brown, Robert Burch, Dominique Caissie, David Colton, Dan Coyle, Robert Dane, Allie Dercoli, Robert Du Grenier, Sandy Dukeshire, Alissa Faber, Nic Flavin, Wesley Fleming, Zak Grace, Chris Hubbard, Claire Kelly, Jordana Korsen, Lynn Latimer, Sally Prasch, Bryan Randa, Chris Sherwin, Randi Solin, Jen Violette, and Andrew Weill.

We congratulate and thank them all!

— Co-curators Linda Whelihan and Sarah Freeman


Following is a list of 27 creatures that will be turned into glass. We congratulate their creators and all the other kids who impressed us with their amazing imaginations and drawing skills. 

*Hour Time Glass by Aaron Archer and Alissa Faber (Alissa Faber)
*Snoogle by Sarah Balint-Wohl and Jordana Korsen (Hot Glass Art Center)
*Kelpie by Lucia Carr and Allie Dercoli (FinAllie Ferments)
*Windy by Sophia Cavanna and Lynn Latimer (Latimer Glass Studio)
*Pegamallow by Josie Clough and Dominique Caissie (Terrapin Glassblowing Studio)
*Biwwy by Rachel Cousino and Jocelyn Brown (JBFineArt)
*Sheila and Neil by Reed Cousino and Sally Prasch (Prasch Glass)
*August Jr. by August Davis and Robert Burch (Robert Burch Glass)
*Snake Guy by Jayden Genest and David Colton (David Colton Glass)
*SEP COVID 136 by Bennett Gerding and Robert DuGrenier (Robert DuGrenier Associates, Inc.)
*Suzuky by Charlie Hill and Chris Sherwin (Sherwin Art Glass)
*Gertrude by Timmy Hunt and Randi Solin (Randi Solin Glass)
*Putreasa by Jake Jerome and Robert Dane (Robert Dane)
*Mr. Slime Blob by Reagan LaFreniere and Jen Violette (Jen Violette Glass)
*Bubbles by Madeline Latini and Sandy Dukeshire (Sandys Glass Shack)
*Daisy by Torielle Lee and Chris Hubbard 
*Tigon by John Max Malcovsky and Dan Coyle (Coyle Glass)
*Devil’s Pet by Austin Meader and Zak Grace (Zak Grace Glass)
*The Flower Cat by Aliana Miller and Marta Bernbaum (JMB Glass)
*Teal Blue by Harley Pecor and Mariel Bass (Mariel Bass)
*Swirley by Ava Rich and Bryan Randa (Randa Glass)
*Preying Beetis by Elijah Rodgers and Wesley Fleming (Wesley Fleming)
*Drake by Olivia Sawyer and Andrew Weill (Manchester Hot Glass)
*Rainbow Cat by Elizabeth Stark and Claire Kelly (Claire Kelly Glass)
*The Blob by Ayla Traeger and Josh Bernbaum (JMB Glass)
*Silvio by Guinevere Velto and Nic Flavin (@nicniceglass)
*The Flying Lunchbox by Marleigh Vose and Josh Bernbaum (JMB Glass)

Click here to view selections from the 2011, 2013, 2017, and 2019 versions of GLASSTASTIC.


May 15, Saturday, 5:30 p.m. Celebration of Spring Exhibits


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