March 17 - June 13, 2021

A celebration of imagination and ingenuity, GLASSTASTIC invites children in grades K-6 to dream up and draw fabulous imaginary creatures, a selection of which will be turned into sculptures by glass artists.

Following is a list of 26 creatures that will be turned into glass. We congratulate their creators and all the other kids who impressed us with their amazing imaginations and drawing skills. 

*Hour Time Glass by Aaron Archer and Alissa Faber (Alissa Faber)
*Snoogle by Sarah Balint-Wohl and Jordana Korsen (Hot Glass Art Center)
*Kelpie by Lucia Carr and Allie Dercoli (FinAllie Ferments)
*Windy by Sophia Cavanna and Lynn Latimer (Latimer Glass Studio)
*Pegamellow by Josie Clough and Dominique Caissie (Terrapin Glassblowing Studio)
*Biwwy by Rachel Cousino and Jocelyn Brown (JBFineArt)
*Shield and Neil by Reed Cousino and Sally Prasch (Prasch Glass)
*August Jr. by August Davis and Robert Burch (Robert Burch Glass)
*Snake Guy by Jayden Genest and David Colton (David Colton Glass)
*SEP Covid 136 by Bennett Gerding and Robert DuGrenier (Robert DuGrenier Associates, Inc.)
*Suzuky by Charlie Hill and Chris Sherwin (Sherwin Art Glass)
*Gertrude by Timmy Hunt and Randi Solin (Randi Solin Glass)
*Putreasa by Jake Jerome and Robert Dane (Robert Dane)
*Mr. Slime Bob by Reagan LaFreniere and Jen Violette (Jen Violette Glass)
*Bubbles by Madeline Latini and Sandy Dukeshire (Sandys Glass Shack)
*Daisy by Torielle Lee and Chris Hubbard 
*Tigon by Max Malcovsky and Dan Coyle (Coyle Glass)
*Devil’s Pet by Austin Meader and Zak Grace (Zak Grace Glass)
*The Flower Cat by Aliana Miller and Josh Bernbaum (JMB Glass)
*Teal Blue by Harley Pecor and Mariel Bass (Mariel Bass)
*Swirley by Ava Rich and Bryan Randa (Randa Glass)
*Praying Beetis by Elijah Rodgers and Wesley Fleming (Wesley Fleming)
*Drake by Olivia Sawyer and Andrew Weill (Manchester Hot Glass)
*Rainbow Cat by Elizabeth Stark and Claire Kelly (Claire Kelly Glass)
*Silvio by Guinevere Velto and Nick Flavin (@nicniceglass)
*The Flying Lunchbox by Marleigh Vose and Marta Bernbaum (JMB Glass)

Click here to view selections from the 2011, 2013, 2017, and 2019 versions of GLASSTASTIC.