Grit and Grace: The Empowerment of Women at Work in Global Communities

June 25, Thursday, 7:30 p.m.

View the recording of this event here.

Documentary photographer Alison Wright will speak about her photographs of resilient working women in developing countries.

Wright will share compelling stories about these hard-working women, show additional images not featured in the BMAC exhibit, and place the work within the broader context of her own extraordinary life story, which includes a two-decade friendship with the Dalai Lama and a near-death experience in Laos.

Wright is a documentary photographer, a National Geographic Traveler of the Year, a recipient of the Dorothea Lange Award in Documentary Photography, and the author of multiple books, including The Dalai Lama: A Simple Monk, The Spirit of Tibet: Portrait of a Culture in Exile, Human Tribe, and the memoir Learning to Breathe: One Woman’s Journey of Spirit and Survival.


This project is presented in partnership with The Vermont Women’s Fund.