In Sight: What the Unseen are Holding for Society

April 15, Wednesday, 7 p.m.

UPDATE 3/19/20: This event has been cancelled. We hope to reschedule. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Brattleboro Retreat therapist Kurt White will discuss why we tend to avert our eyes when we walk past someone living on the street, why—from a psychological standpoint—we try not to see them. White will address how this situation came to be at a systems level, and, for those of us who are not living on the street, what it is that we unconsciously project onto this group of people. 

“What does it mean to ‘turn toward,’ really?” White said. “It’s an interesting phrase that comes up in different spiritual traditions, and I think it has to do with recognizing the non-differences between people, as well as what perpetuates our wish to divide things up, especially unconsciously and structurally.”

This talk is presented in conjunction with two exhibits related to homelessness, Steven Kinder: 522,830 and Coffee & Conversation: Stories of Homelessness, both on view through June 14. 

Taking its name from the number of people who were unsheltered in America in 2018, 522,830 features portraits of people experiencing homelessness whom Kinder has met over the years in New York City. 

Brattleboro artist Liz Lavorgna began working on Coffee & Conversation in 2015, in collaboration with filmmaker Wyatt Andrews and with support from Groundworks Collaborative. For this exhibit, LaVorgna revisits the project. 


Attendees will be invited to make a donation to Groundworks Collaborative, which provides ongoing support to families and individuals facing housing and food insecurities in the greater Brattleboro area.