Back to the Land Redux: Vermont’s New Generation of Artist-Farmers

September 12, Thursday, 7:30 p.m.

A group of working Vermont artist-farmers discusses the intersection and interchange between their art and their farm work. Photographer Dona Ann McAdams and her husband, Brad Kessler, the author of Goat Song and several novels, are the owners of Northern Spy Farm, a goat farm in Sandgate, Vermont. Artist Louisa Conrad and poet Lucas Farrell run Big Picture Farm, a goat dairy and farmstead confectionery and creamery in Townshend. Oil painters Greg Bernhardt and Hannah Sessions raise Alpine and LaMancha dairy goats and produce goat cheese at Blue Ledge Farm in Salisbury.

The group will delve into the apparent abundance of artist-farmers in Vermont today. Why are there so many artists who farm—or farmers who make art? Is the phenomenon as newly prevalent as it seems, or has it always been this way? (And why are so many of these artist-farmers raising goats?)

This event is offered in conjunction with Dona Ann McAdams: Performative Acts, a retrospective of work by the acclaimed photographer that includes images of her goats and of other working farm animals, as well as photographs of nuns, performance artists, people with mental illness, race track workers, and activists.