Artist Talk: Jackie Abrams & Deidre Scherer

April 24, Wednesday, 7 p.m.

Join artists Jackie Abrams and Deidre Scherer as they discuss their work. Connections is the latest installment in BMAC’s occasional “Dialogue” series of collaborative exhibitions. Abrams is an artist who builds colorful vessels from such materials as sand, silk fabrics, wire, and recycled plastic bags. Scherer works primarily in thread on cloth.

To create each object, Abrams and Scherer agree on the general shape and size of the vessel. An image of the original fabric portrait by Scherer is printed onto heavy cotton paper. The printed image is cut into strips and carefully woven back together by Abrams as a three-dimensional vessel. Sometimes other materials, such as copper wire or transparent plastic film, are incorporated into the weaving. The resulting vessels’ strong forms and subtle textures reflect the character that the human body acquires with experience and time.