March 9 - June 16, 2019

They’re baaaaack …… The gallery walls are teeming with fantastic creatures that have come to vie for a spot in BMAC’s biannual Glasstastic exhibit. Last fall we asked kids in grades K-6 to submit drawings and descriptions of imaginary creatures, and the response far exceeded our expectations—we received over 1,200 submissions!

Twenty glass artists pored over the drawings, each with the difficult task of selecting just one image to transform into a glass sculpture.To bring the menagerie to life, the artists experimented with processes, materials, and a variety of glass-working techniques. In some cases, molten glass was gathered on the end of a hollow pipe, rolled, stretched, and given form with the artist’s breath. For others, shapes were carefully cut from cold glass, then layered and placed in kilns, allowing the separate pieces to fuse together. For flame-worked sculptures, brightly colored rods of glass were heated with a torch and manipulated to create intricate details.

We welcome you to this gathering of colorful creatures and invite you to take time to look through the drawings displayed on the walls and in the books. As you read each accompanying description, you might find that many of these quirky characters have surprising habits and abilities: some are powered by propellers, one sneezes cupcakes, many of them just make people happy. We hope all of them make you smile.

We are grateful to the kids and artists who made this exhibit possible, and to the art teachers and parents who helped get the creatures through our doors!

The imaginative young artists are Deegan Wilkinson, Lily-Ann Nolet, Chase Sullivan, Lawton Duch, Sawyer Bailey, Maya Rottenberg, Abbie Jarvis, Ava Scott, Blake Truchon, Bram Salus, Leo Elder, Malena Hodgman, Destiny Dorsey, Esabella Amoah, Tailae Rianne Lynn, Colin Chicoine, Katelyn Croteau, Justin Draper, Brian Quinn, Anna Chechile, and Graham Long.

The ingenious and generous glass artists are Josh Bernbaum, Marta Bernbaum, Jocelyn Brown, Bob Burch, Dominique Caissie, Genevieve Cole, Matthew Donaldson, Robert DuGrenier, Jordana Korsen, Lynn Latimer, Alissa Faber, Claire Kelly, David Colton, Dan Coyle, Wesley Fleming, Kale Stewart, Randi Solin, Bryan Randa, Jen Violette, and Andrew Weill.

— Linda Whelihan, Curator

Following is a list of the 20 creatures that will be turned into glass. We congratulate their creators and all the other kids who impressed us with their amazing imaginations and drawing skills.

* The Imaginary Monster by Deegan Wilkinson and Jen Violette (Jen Violette Glass)
* Kiki by Lily-Ann Nolet and Gen Cole (Funktional Glassworks)
* Jelly by Chase Sullivan and Alissa Faber (Alissa Faber)
* The Leaf Warrior by Lawton Duch and Claire Kelly (Claire Kelly Glass)
* Miss Piggy by Sawyer Bailey and Robert Burch (Robert Burch Glass)
* Haterpillar the Caterpillar by Maya Rottenberg and Jordana Korsen (Hot Glass Art Center)
* Smileing Cupcake by Abbie Jarvis and Ava Scott and Dominique Caissie (Terrapin Glassblowing Studio)
* Orange Furrball by Blake Truchon and Matthew Donaldson (REfound Works Design Studio)
* Spaghetti Monster by Bram Salus and David Colton
* Jeff by Leo Elder and Josh Bernbaum (JMB Glass)
* A Flying Wonder by Malena Hodgman and Dan Coyle (CoyleCondenser)
* The Eye Girl by Destiny Dorsey and Jocelyn Brown (Terrapin Glassblowing Studio)
* Hue the Stick by Esabella Amoah and Robert DuGrenier (Robert DuGrenier Associates, Inc.)
* HooBley GooBooley by Tailae Rianne Lynn and Lynn Latimer (Latimer Glass Studio)
* Mushroom Guardian by Colin Chicoine and Wesley Fleming (Wesley Fleming)
* Devilhorn by Katelyn Croteau and Bryan Randa (Randa Glass)
* José the 7th by Justin Draper and Kale Stewart
* The Oltument Banana by Brian Quinn and Marta Bernbaum (JMB Glass)
* Stoun by Anna Chechile and Andrew Weill (Manchester Hot Glass)
* Nosey Ned & Nostril Nebby by Graham Long and Randi Solin (Solin Glass)

Click here to view selections from the 2011, 2013, and 2017 versions of GLASSTASTIC.

Contact Education Curator Linda Whelihan at or 802-257-0124, ext. 109.