March 18 - June 18, 2017

GLASSTASTIC is BMAC’s third exhibit inspired by the Kids Design Glass program at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington. In fall 2016 we asked kids in grades K-6 to submit drawings and descriptions of their own imaginary creatures.

The response was overwhelming: we received over 1,000 submissions! Colorful beasts with wings, tentacles, and spiky tails all vied for the attention of our guest artists, who had the difficult task of choosing only 20 creatures to be transformed into glass sculptures. The exhibit celebrates the imagination of the participating children and the ingenuity of the artists who worked to faithfully render the details of the imaginary creatures.

The artists experimented with processes, materials, and a variety of glass-working techniques to bring the menagerie on display to life. Sand, ash, and lime were heated together in a furnace until they blended into viscous glass. For some sculptures the molten glass was gathered on the end of a hollow pipe and rolled, stretched, and given form with the artist’s breath. For others, shapes were carefully cut from cold glass, then layered and placed in kilns, allowing the separate pieces to fuse together. In sculptures that were flame-worked, brightly colored rods of glass were heated with a torch and manipulated to form intricate details.

As you read each creature’s accompanying description, you might find that looks can be deceiving. Many of these imaginary creatures have surprising habits and abilities. Take some time to page through the drawings displayed in the books on the shelves to learn even more about these newly discovered beings!

— Linda Whelihan, Curator

Following is a list of the 20 creatures that will be turned into glass. We congratulate their creators and all the other kids who impressed us with their amazing imaginations and drawing skills.

* The Abomible Dust Cloud by Morgan Elizabeth Beenen and Jen Violette (Jen Violette Glass)
* Catcar by Connor Brior and Gen Cole (Funktional Glassworks)
* Yoopi by Olivia Burns and Robert DuGrenier (Robert DuGrenier Associates, Inc.)
* Zankargaz by Roxanne Burt and Lynn Latimer (Latimer Glass Studio)
* Demon Dragon by David Charlebois and Robert Burch (Robert Burch Glass)
* Sir Three Scoops by Emmaline Cook and Jordana Korsen (Hot Glass Art Center)
* Naturer Women by Ida Desjardins and Dominique Caissie (Terrapin Glassblowing Studio)
* Frank by Althea Holzapfel and Matthew Donaldson (REfound Works Design Studio)
* Medulothom by Tiger Hood and Sally Prasch (Prasch Glass)
* Jelly-poof by Zinnia A. Hull and Josh Bernbaum (JMB Glass)
* Rainbow Cloud by Ethan Jeffrey and Xander D’Ambrosio (Instagram: @xanderdam)
* Laridaktel by Ava Kennedy and Chris Sherwin (Sherwin Art Glass)
* Inky by Taylor Payne and Robert DuGrenier (Robert DuGrenier Associates, Inc.)
* Alien Mutated Germ by Curtis Plausky and Lynn Latimer (Latimer Glass Studio)
* Socket by Ritter Redfield and Chris Sherwin (Sherwin Art Glass)
* Bert Faniza by Carley Roberts and Bryan Randa (Randa Glass)
* Music Note by Jillian Smith and Tucker Litchfield (Off Hand Glassworks)
* Beady Beads by Lilly Szykier and Marta Bernbaum (JMB Glass)
* Bill by Levi Tabachnick and Andrew Weill (Manchester Hot Glass)
* Doreto Disco Donny by Anna VanOsdol and Gen Cole (Funktional Glassworks)

Click here to view selections from the 2011 and 2013 versions of GLASSTASTIC.