Artist Talk: Jamie Young

July 14, Thursday, 7:30 p.m.

In connection with the exhibit Chaos and Light, Jamie Young discusses her work.


“I have been painting since I was very little. In my teens I started painting landscapes. The theme remains the same. I just keep trying to make it clearer and simpler. Often the scenes I paint are very small vignettes that I would pass by most days, but caught in a certain light they come alive. It has been said my paintings are like glimpses of landscapes, images of fleeting moments.

“I love working both in the field and in the studio. I find that they feed each other. I use pencil, pastel, watercolor, and oils. Switching from one medium to another keeps each fresh, and I am able to discover more, carrying over, technique to technique. The medium I choose depends on the location and conditions. If I can get my truck or boat to the painting site I will work plein-air. I always carry pencil and paper with me and often use the sketches to paint in my studio large oils on canvases that would be too awkward to take into the field.

“Driving or walking along, what makes me stop and paint is the light, atmosphere, composition, and most of all the Stillness. The Stillness of the Earth is something that we all see and have a need to be with. Painting and drawing are ways for me to concentrate on the Stillness and be more aware, centered and energized. My job is to pass it on.”

— Jamie Young