ARTravel Programs 2016-17

Expand your horizons with BMAC’s ARTravel programs. Visit some of the world’s most fascinating destinations, experience local culture, and explore local art, architecture, and cuisine with a small group of like-minded travelers. For more information, follow the links below or contact Erin Jenkins at 802-257-0124, ext. 101 or

November 28 – December 6, 2016

ARTravel: Cuba

BMAC is pleased to offer an expedition to Cuba designed for enthusiasts of the visual arts, music, dance, literature, history, photography, and the Spanish language. These offerings highlight Cuba’s vibrant cultural scene, featuring informal daily encounters with artists, musicians, writers, students, entrepreneurs, and plenty of everyday citizens. Drop by artists’ studios and galleries; explore historic sites, synagogues, and Santería temples; hear street music and performances; spend time in Havana’s world class Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes with an informative Cuban art historian; take advantage of nightly opportunities to discover high quality Cuban music and dance, and get out into the countryside to visit some of the island’s most intriguing landscapes, beaches, and hidden corners. Learn more…

May 22 – June 2, 2017


Romania, Bulgaria, and Northern Greece have rich artistic traditions and a thriving contemporary art scene. Their unique native styles evince influences of Greek mosaic art, Byzantine frescoes and icons, indigenous folk art, woodcarving, pottery, woven rugs, intricate costume ornamentation, and Socialist Realism. As we travel, we’ll take the contemporary art pulse of Southeastern Europe. We will meet with leading contemporary artists, photographers, sculptors, curators, art scholars, fine art professors, collectors, and gallery owners. We will also visit artists in their studios, hear about their creative process, and you will have the opportunity to acquire artwork from some of tomorrow’s world stars. Romania, Bulgaria, and Northern Greece also have exceptionally rich musical traditions — both folk and classical. We will experience firsthand Balkan diaphonic singing, dissonant harmonies, modal scales, and irregular meters. Learn more…