All the Days of the Year

May 9 - June 22, 2014

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This video installation by Walter Ungerer is a record of one year as seen from Mount Battie, Maine. Every day for a year, 13 digital video clips were recorded from a single location on a rock on a hill overlooking the ocean. The camera would record for ten seconds then pivot a few degrees counterclockwise and record for another ten seconds. This process was repeated until the camera returned to its original position, having recorded 13 ten-second clips describing a 360-degree view. The process was repeated from the same location day after day — sometimes at sunrise, sometimes midday, sometimes at sunset, sometimes at night.

The resulting film is a record of the seasons; the changing light, from dawn to evening and night; the changing weather, from bright sun to fog to rain and snow. It is a record of the visitors that make a pilgrimage to the vista that overlooks a small harbor, the Atlantic coastal islands, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is not a story — there is no script, no actors, and no dialogue — yet it conveys a story: humanity in peaceful revelry of a place on earth.

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