VT Kids Design Glass II

November 1, 2013 - March 8, 2014

Two years ago, inspired by a program at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, BMAC organized VT Kids Design Glass, an exhibit of 12 imaginary creatures conceived and designed by kids in grades K-6 and rendered in three-dimensional splendor by area glass artists. The 12 creatures were chosen from among more than 200 submissions.

Encouraged by the success of that exhibit and the community spirit it engendered, we decided to undertake a sequel. During the 2012-13 school year, we collected a whopping 812 drawings of imaginary creatures. Each drawing was accompanied by a written statement about the creature — how it came to be, where it lives, what it eats, and so on. Submissions came from kids in grades K-6, not only from Vermont but also from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and as far away as Paris, France.

For VT Kids Design Glass II, which is sponsored by People’s United Bank, 21 artists transformed 24 of the 812 drawings into glass sculptures, making two copies of each — one for the exhibit and one as a gift for its child designer. Some glassblowers worked in collaborative teams. Some translated more than one drawing into sculpture. One artist made seven miniature sculptures.

Each sculpture is exhibited along with its original drawing and story, as well as information about the glass artist or artists who brought it to life. In addition, every drawing that was submitted, even those that were not rendered in glass, appears on the gallery walls or in books available for perusal.

We wish to thank all the amazing kid artists who gave us a glimpse of their incredible imaginations by submitting drawings for consideration. And we extend heartfelt gratitude to the 21 talented and generous glass artists who who turned 24 imaginary creatures into exquisite glass sculptures. A list of winning submissions appears below. Click on any title to view the original drawing and glass sculpture.

— Susan Calabria, Education Curator

The glass sculptures exhibited in VT Kids Design Glass II are available for sale, with all proceeds supporting BMAC’s education programs. For more information or to make a purchase, click on the links below or call 802-257-0124, ext. 102.

Pineapple King
by Aaron DiBenedetto and glass artist Josh Bernbaum
$800 $125


by Owen Collins-Estrada and glass artist Marta Bernbaum
$800 $125


The Jellybeanettes
by Zola von Krusenstiern and glass artist Bob Burch


Kevin’s World
by Kim Phan and glass artist Gen Cole


by Grace Learey and glass artist Charles Correll
$300 $50


by Georgia Gempler and glass artist Xander d’Ambrosio


by Veronika Escaja-Heiss and glass artist Robert DuGrenier
$1,200 $125


Coo Coo Bird
by Ella Lessard and glass artist Nicholas Kekic


Alford the Pegivampale
by Aidan Flower des Jardins and glass artist Bob Burch
$520 $125


Ice Cream Monster
by Marian Wojcik and glass artist Tucker Litchfield
$1,800 $995


Pink Robber Mouse
by Zinnia Siegel and glass artist Peter Muller
$800 $125


by Rowen Hopkins and glass artist Sally Prasch


The Rainbow Tornado
by Dallas Lama and glass artists Dave McDermott, Chris Sherwin, and Bryan Randa


Mushroom Man
by Rei Kimura and glass artist Jen Violette
$1,050 $95


The Monsterous Ladybug
by Lillian Hansen and glass artist Isabel Green


Cute Cotton Candy
by Ellis Wahlstrom and glass artist Bryan Randa
$150 $25


Mystical Mummy Rabbit
by Jaden Greenwald and glass artists Dave McDermottChris Sherwin, Bryan Randa, and Ed Branson


The Lightning Snake
by Ava Lunge and glass artist Bob Burch


by Alice Dricker and glass artist Yukimi Matsumoto
$250 $50


by Margaret Holland and glass artist Chris Sherwin


Fred the Frog
by Andrew Cushman and glass artist Chris Sherwin


Larry the Love Heart
by Merou Rosner and glass artist Randi Solin
$1,800 $195


by Alan Krauthammer and glass artist Jen Violette


by Amelia Harrison and glass artist Andrew Weill


Seven miniature imaginary creatures
by kids in grades K-6 and glass artist Stacey Sandow