Jerry’s Map

November 1, 2013 - March 8, 2014

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“Jerry has a certain kind of genius. He’s a world-builder.” — Mother Nature Network

In 1963, Jerry Gretzinger doodled a map of a small imaginary town. His sketch took on a life of its own and today comprises over 2,600 hand-crafted panels spanning a jaw-dropping 2,000 square feet. The imaginary world depicted evolves and shape-shifts as he works and re-works a panel every day. To guide the evolution, Jerry has devised an elaborate game of chance that features a card deck with instructions—the map’s “future predictor.” Each morning he chooses a card at random that determines his course of action for that day—one day he might add new features to a panel, while on the next he might completely void one out. This is hand-wrought Minecraft on a truly massive scale.

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