Cosmic Geometry: Sabra Field

November 1, 2013 - March 8, 2014

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Our ability to see the cosmos has expanded far beyond what we dreamed half a century ago: from inside our DNA to far beyond our galaxy. We have the Hubble telescope and astrophotography to thank for this, and computer visualizations of fractal geometry and micro-photography as well: a torrent of new images.

Instead of overwhelming us, we are enchanted to find in these new images, a sense of familiarity because our minds are equipped to categorize, to seek order, to notice reflectafors (similarities between different phenomena at various scales). The reflectafors in this suite, and many, many more which I’ve experienced over a lifetime of looking, thinking, and drawing lead me to the conclusion that everything is part of everything, or, more simply put, “all is one.”

— Sabra Field

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