Your Space/Color

June 29, 2013 - March 8, 2014

Color is perhaps the most important factor, next to form, in how we see, understand, and describe our visual world. For many, red is red, blue is blue, and yellow is yellow; a box of crayons can tell us what we need to converse about color. Yet the wavelengths of light discernible by the human eye and brain produce nuances of color that are a source of infinite inspiration for artists and scientists.

Do individuals SEE the same color when looking at the same object? Is my concept of “grass green” the same as yours? Which blue – and how much — is mixed with white to make “sky blue”? This exhibit encourages visitors to become color sleuths and to think about color in new ways.

Colors are intertwined with moods, myths, history, and commerce. Associations with colors arose because of the way pigments were obtained, the rarity or commonness of the material that made a specific color, and the significance of a color to particular cultures, both ancient and modern.

In this exhibit the basics of color theory are presented with participatory visuals, with media to facilitate discovery, and in books about color for all ages. Throughout the course of the exhibit, visitors experience some of the amazing properties of color through activity prompts and visual “stations” on gallery’s wall panels. We will consider the rich associations of color with language, food, and art history. Look for periodic changes in the activities over the duration of the exhibit.

— Susan Calabria, Education Curator