Terry Slade: Collective Memories of Place

June 29 - October 20, 2013

Click here for a slideshow of selected images from this exhibit.

“The museum’s history as a train station conjures a memory of people traveling to and from this site in former times. Why did they come here? Where did they go from here?

For me, visiting this site evoked the sensations and awareness I experienced while researching for many years at prehistoric sites in Europe. I have come to believe that human presence never completely leaves a place. Our involvement with a place becomes a part of its history, of its collective memory, and therefore is never lost.

This sculpture is intended to stimulate conversation about our relationship with our surroundings and the impact human existence has on the planet.”

— Terry Slade

Terry Slade has been making unique drawings and photographs as well as sculpture in glass, bronze and mixed media for two decades. His work is inspired by a personal interest in the complex relationships between humans and the natural world. The last four years, he has been making site visits at pre-historic monuments in Scotland, England and Wales. This research has yielded a wealth of inspiration and as a result, many drawings, sculptures and installation have been created. Slade has exhibited widely in the United States, including solo exhibitions in NYC, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Memphis, and St. Louis, etc. He has also exhibited in Japan, Great Britain, Italy and France and his work is in many private and corporate collections.