Glass in All Senses

July 15 - October 23, 2011

The artists in Glass in All Senses investigate the ways in which glass can enhance or alter our perceptions. As the exhibition’s title suggests, the focus is not just on visual ­perception, but on all of the other senses as well—sound, touch, taste, and smell.

Glass is a material that is intimately connected with the ways in which human beings experience the world. Perhaps because it is so common, or because it is usually transparent, we often don’t notice its presence and how it affects our senses. We use it to see, through spectacles, microscopes, or windows. We also use it to contain things that we taste—like wine—or smell—like perfume.

Some of these artists use the natural properties of glass to enhance vision, hold scent, or even to carry sound. Others use glass in surprising ways, challenging our notions of the material. How do you expect glass to feel? What do you expect it to taste like?

Glass in All Senses is an exhibition that asks for active participation. You are invited to challenge your senses: see whether allowing the artwork to alter your perception changes your impressions of the world around you.

–Jennifer Scanlan, Curator

Glass in All Senses is part of ARTCraft, six concurrent exhibits that explore the boundaries between fine art and fine craft.

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Opening Reception