Reshaping Reality

July 24 - October 24 2010

Curated by Carol Seitchik, Reshaping Reality features the work of 11 artists associated with the Boston Sculptors Gallery. It is about elevating the ordinary to the level of art—recycling and articulating materials into layers of meaning, whether social, political, or cultural in theme. The exhibit consists of objects, installations, and multimedia installations that transform the image—and the viewer’s understanding—of the everyday familiar.

A cooperative gallery, Boston Sculptors was founded in 1992. Its roster currently includes 34 artists who have exhibited individually and as a group throughout the United States and abroad. Artists featured in Reshaping Reality are Laura Baring-Gould, Benjamin S. Cariens, Rosalyn Driscoll, Laura Evans, Christopher Frost, Peter DeCamp Haines, Michelle Lougee, Nancy Selvage, Jessica Straus, Leslie Wilcox, and Andy Zimmermann.

Click here to view selected images from the exhibit.

August 6 – Gallery Walk & Artists’ Reception
October 14 – Reshaping Reality Artists’ Discussion

Laura Baring-Gould’s website
Benjamin S. Cariens at University of New Hampshire
Rosalyn Driscoll’s website
Laura Evan’s website
Christopher Frost’s website
Peter DeCamp Haines’ website
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Nancy Selvage’s website
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