Upcoming Exhibits

The Boomer List: Photographs by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

In partnership with AARP and the Newseum, BMAC presents an exhibition of 19 large-format portraits of some of the most fascinating members of the influential baby boom generation — one born each…    read more

June 23 - August 27, 2017

Lost Porches: Nathalie Miebach

Hurricanes are driven by the laws of physics. As weather patterns have become more extreme, the human responses to these events have been both rational and absurd. Using human narratives…    read more

June 23 - October 8, 2017

Wolf Kahn: Density & Transparency

Recent paintings by one of the most highly regarded American artists alive today.

June 23 - October 8, 2017

Free Fall: Barbara Garber

Employing an eclectic range of materials in her wall and room installations, Garber’s process reflects an expanded conception of drawing. Her work explores the boundary between two-dimensional and three-dimensional representation….    read more

June 23 - October 8, 2017

Spaceship of Dreams: William Chambers

An interactive public art project originally developed in York, PA, William Chambers’ Spaceship of Dreams facilitates the sharing of dreams by people from all walks of life. Over a period…    read more

June 23 - October 8, 2017

Boundaries, Balance, and Confinement: Mary Admasian

Exploiting the constraining property of barbed wire as a unifying metaphor, Admasian repurposes materials like fencing, willow switches, logs, butterflies, rooster feathers, and other found objects collected from flea markets…    read more

June 23 - October 8, 2017