Staff & Board of Trustees

Paul Abse, Custodian
Tim Allen, Chief Installer
Judith Bellamy, Editor
Ananda Forest, Building Manager
Sarah Freeman, Exhibitions Manager
Erin Jenkins, Operations Manager
Danny Lichtenfeld, Director
Kelly Therieau, Events Coordinator
Linda Whelihan, Education Curator
Amanda Whiting, Membership & Database Manager
Mara Williams, Chief Curator
Christine Yost, Bookkeeper

Christopher G. Chapman, President
James D. Meltzer, Vice President
Fred Moriarty, Treasurer
Susan Wilson, Secretary
Kim Benzel
R. Mark Burke
Sean Conley
Margaret Everitt
Christina Herbert
Laura A. Howat
Ken Klothen
Stephen Lloyd
Susan McMahon
Petria Mitchell
Gina Pattison
Christopher B. Sink
David F. Walter
Dan Yates

Donna Borofsky
George Heller, in memoriam
Wolf Kahn
Emily Mason

Trustees: Click here to view a calendar of meetings and events.