Lost Porches: Nathalie Miebach

June 23 - October 8, 2017

Hurricanes are driven by the laws of physics. As weather patterns have become more extreme, the human responses to these events have been both rational and absurd. Using human narratives and the weather data of recent storms such as Hurricanes Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and the Louisiana Flooding of 2016, this show explores the dissonance and co-existence between the physics of weather and the theater of human responses.

Lost Porches is a larger metaphor that tries to express the human struggle of coming to terms with what is lost during a storm and with what one tries to hold onto during the rebuilding process. Porches are both private and public spaces. They play a significant role as social gathering places in cities like New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina, FEMA imposed new building codes that required structures to be raised several feet above flooding zones. This led to new types of architecture that removed house porches from the street level and raised them several feet above ground.

How do these visual restructurings of communities change or help us adapt to the increasing ferocity of storms? What aspects of private and community life are we willing to give up and what do we insist on taking with us into this new reality of extreme weather?

— Nathalie Miebach

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