Boundaries, Balance, and Confinement: Mary Admasian

June 23 - October 8, 2017

Exploiting the constraining property of barbed wire as a unifying metaphor, Admasian repurposes materials like fencing, willow switches, logs, butterflies, rooster feathers, and other found objects collected from flea markets and the rural Vermont landscape to create sculptures, public installations, and assemblages that address how societal and psychological restraints both contain and free us.

Admasian’s work explores how raw forms can embody the human challenges surrounding gender, social norms, and the tension between our daily and inner lives. She states, “I have always wanted to create a body of work with barbed wire, a forbidding object that can trigger instinctual and personal associations in everyone. By transforming common materials into unusual configurations, I want my work to create a narrative that provokes insight, thought, and social action in the viewer.”


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